domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011


In this blog I`m going to post my school work. I`m in the second level of the English program at URBE.

Hi name's Grumar Pereira but you call me for my middle name Andres if you want to. I'm 19 years old I'm from Maracaibo. I live in San francisco and I'm a student from public accounting school .

I love all kind of music specially pop, rock and romantic music. I'm very  friendly with my friends and family I like to eat pasta and pizza but I can't stand poeple smoking in public places I'd like to graduate in few years to help myself.

                       Here I let you a video called dilemma by kelly rowland and nelly They're great singers Enjoy it.

 My dreams are many in my life but one of the first is some day going to the stadium and see 
 to the players from F.C Barcelona and have a car  I want to do to get my degree and
then have a wonderful family help to my mother shes's all for me I love go to the collage
Every days I feel that I learn somethin new, I do friends very quickly and I love make people
laugh. These are my favorites sport game ; Swimming and soccer I'd like to travel around
the world some day and visit some countries I know enlgish very well but of course
I should to pratice it sometimes..

Well that's a little about my life :)

                                THIS IS OUR CONVERSATION IN  THE CLASSROOM

                 Hello there! Here's the newspaper, Juliet and Carla
                Fantastic! What's movie are playing?
                Grumar says ; Well It's playing sheck in 3D at 5 o'oclock pm
                Carla says ; Uhmm Sorry but I saw that movie last week
                Grumar says ; Ah okay, And How about you Juliet?
                Juliet says ; So I don't really want to see that movie I think is boring
                Grumar says ; Hmm we're going to see fast and furious 5
                Tonight at 8 : 00 o'oclock Are you agree with me?
                Juliet says ; that sound great! Carla says ; Let's see at 8:00 see you there

                                        This is my poem about love written for someone

Sweet sweet smile ,by spongy
Someone special
Love, sweet, gazing, treasure she wants to hear love for the
rest of her life

This is the best carnivel in the world ,You can go and visit the Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro at different times: 

                                 This is a traditional celebration in our city

   People in maracaibo Usually celebrete a tradition called ;Chinita's fair

November with an all-night party. One of the main city avenues, Bella Vista, is closed for several blocks and the city puts lights along the whole avenue. The lights stay up for months, until after Christmas. There are firework shows and street vendors, and hundreds of thousands of people line the streets and celebrate all night.

                                We have the world in our Hands , It's time to change it  Let's do it.

The term “eco-friendly” is used to describe activities which are good for the environment. It is a shortening of “ecologically friendly,” and you may also hear terms like “environmentally friendly” or “green” used to describe similar activities. There are a range of ways in which activities can be eco-friendly, ranging from products which are constructed in an environmentally friendly way to making lifestyle changes which are designed to benefit the environment.

Our planet is dying, man to become a mindset to overcome and dominate nature, grow economically, wasting natural resources which all human beings us to the fact of being human.The
man has to respect the human rights of humanity, both, the 6,000 million human beings living on planet earth and those who are yet to come. to them are obligatory reserve a world, to them is obligatory reserve a world with hope, with a healthy environment that allows them to live a decent life in a better world with equality.

The principal problem are waste management, climate change, pollution and the global warming.

I have listed some ways to help the environment.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost
Reusing packaging material saves more energy than recycling. By avoiding extra packaging, you save both energy and landfill space. Yard and kitchen waste (leaves/grass/vegetable scraps) are 30% of trash. Reduce this amount by composting. Also be sure to re-use plastic bags, or better yet... refuse plastic bags when you really don't need them. 

2. Conserve water
Don't let faucets run. Never water your lawn at midday. Place a brick in old toilets. Take low flow short showers. Run the dishwasher only when it is full. Let grass grow longer. Plant native or drought-tolerant garden plants. 

3. Quit smoking
Second-hand smoke is a major indoor air pollutant and health hazard. When you quit, both you and your family will lead longer and healthier lives. 
4. Eat less meat/eat more local and organic foods 
Feedlots are a major source of organic pollution. Tropical forests are cut to raise beef. 

5. Dispose of old paint, chemicals, and oil properly
Don't put batteries, antifreeze, paint, motor oil, or chemicals in the trash. Use proper toxics disposal sites. Never buy more than you need. 

6. Volunteer/Lobby for the Environment
Work locally and globally to save natural places, reduce urban sprawl, lower pollution and prevent the destruction of wilderness areas for timber and oil.

               This is my room well really I would put this room like EXAMPLE

       In this room there is a Tv, there are 2 computer there are too many pictures posted on
the wall there is a big bed  There are 2 chair on the floor in front of TV and there are 2
Night tables between bed there is a sofa  there is a bathroom next to windows.

                                                My daily routine

I always get up at 7:00 am every mornings, and  brush my teeth and take a fast shower

then, I eat my breakfast, later, I wait for my transport and go to the university I arrive there 7:00 am
and hen I leave my university at 11 am. and I go home so there 
then, when I get up, maybe I play soccer with friends, study, or usually watch TV, later I take a shower and in the night I stay in the Pc and i go to the bed about 10:00 pm.